Kane can be sold at 45 million pounds FIFA 16 Coins из дневника Gustave

The former Spurs head coach Redknapp says that Spurs should not sell Kane. But if there are teams bidding to FIFA coins reach 45 million pounds, Levi can consider selling Kane.

Kane is having rumors of transfer with Manchester United now.  Although he has repeatedly said he just want to  stay at Spurs, something are out of his control.

Redknapp said: "If Spurs sold the best player in FIFA 16 coins the team last season, what information do they pass to the fans?"

"If Spurs want to make progress, they must keep the team's core players, either Kane or Eriksson."

"But if Manchester United really can bid 45 million pounds, I think Levi might be tempted, and once buy FIFA 16 coins he had such thoughts, I suggested that he should quickly sell Kane, because there won’t be a higher offer."

Kane scored 31 goals in all competitions for Spurs last season. http://www.fifacoinson.com/


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