Fifa listed 10 Brazil-born players it had activate to be ineligible из дневника fifafifa

Fifa has expelled Equatorial Guinea from the 2019 Women’s Apple Cup for appliance afflicted abstracts and selecting 10 butterfingers players in its Olympic team.Two added Equatorial Guinea players will serve 10-match all-embracing bans for appliance “forged and biased documents” to affirmation nationality, Fifa said on Thursday. Equatorial Guinea’s football alliance was fined £78,000.The small, oil-rich country on Africa’s west coffer has been active in aggravating to buy football success by adorable adopted players, mostly from Brazil. Fifa listed 10 Brazil-born players it had activate to be ineligible NFL Coins. The players with artificial abstracts were from Cameroon and Nigeria.

In a antecedent accompanying case, Fifa banned Equatorial Guinea’s women from the 2020 Olympic condoning programme. That adaptation accompanying to a Brazil-born amateur who had two passports and two bearing certificates with claimed data that did not match. Added Fifa investigations arise 10 added butterfingers players best for 2016 Olympic condoning amateur and two bogus cases.Equatorial Guinea football admiral admission appealed to the cloister of adjudication for activity adjoin a ban by the Amalgamation of African Football from two editions of the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations FIFA Coins. The 2018 tournament, accepting hosted by Ghana, is Africa’s condoning affray for the 2019 Women’s Apple Cup in France.Equatorial Guinea’s women’s aggregation were butterfingers from the 2012 London Olympics for fielding an butterfingers player. The two-times African champions endure won the appellation in 2012.The men’s borough aggregation were bare by Fifa of a achievement in Apple Cup condoning in 2013 if none of the starting calendar was built-in in Equatorial Guinea.Fifa allows players to represent a country if they admission lived in the country continuously for a aeon of time, or a ancestor or grandparent was built-in there.


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