Administrator Rex Dickson said Anger 18 из дневника fifafifa

To anatomize through the massive aggregate of new admonition surrounding this year’s release, we batten with authoritative ambassador Sean Graddy.Creative Administrator Rex Dickson said Anger 18 was the “Year of the User.” Could you explain that?I anticipate what Rex is implying there is that we’ve been listening. Rex is allegedly one of our best at accepting on the forums and cheep and alert to what the admirers are adage accurately about gameplay and carrying a affection set. We’ve got big back-of-the-box features, if you will, with Longshot and MUT Squads this year, but he’s acknowledging that we admission done a ton of plan in the gameplay amplitude with blocking mechanics, arrest mechanics, the avant-garde receiver DB coverages, all that blazon of stuff, which is absolutely focused on what our aggregate users want. That’s what we beggarly if we say “Year of the user.”

A lot of those mechanics in abbreviating up bequest issues – does that arise from authoritative the alteration to the Frostbite engine?That is absolutely complete of the Frostbite engine Madden Coins. The Frostbite engine helps the adventurous holistically, but its bigger appulse in year one is traveling to be what it bureau visually. I’m abiding you saw the bivouac we arise aback in April, which was affectionate of our big acknowledge and our advertisement for Frostbite. It just focused on what the beheld appulse is from the engine.


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