New derma backpack on its way to Rainbow Six Siege из дневника fifafifa

Ubisoft has teased a new derma backpack on its way to Rainbow Six Siege, continuing its band of exceptional "Elite" sets for the appropriate first-person shooter. The game's all-knowing arresting Operator, Valkyrie, is set to accept the next absolute bundle, absolute new antidotal items based on her photography background.Teased via a cheep on the game's official Twitter account, the new Valkyrie set maintains the bequest administration of abounding antecedent Elite releases Rainbow Six Siege Credits. Buyers will accept a awakening advancing uniform, switching out her shemagh in favor of a bolt headband, alongside added antidotal items. The absorbed twelve-second video aswell teases a new achievement animation, breadth Valkyrie photographs the aggregation afore assuming on-screen.

The new Valkyrie Elite set is currently accepted to absolution on May 7 release, above Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Like antecedent Elite sets, the array will acceptable amount 1,800 R6 Credits ñ Rainbow Six Siege's exceptional packs achievable with real-world money. Year 3 Canyon holders will absorb their store-wide discount, abbreviation the amount to 1,620 R6 Credits.With the accounted absolution of Operation Para Bellum abandoned one ages away, we can apprehend Ubisoft to anon about-face its focus to the attainable season R6 Credits. Contempo leaks accept adumbrated two Italian Operators are about the corner, alongside a new map, weapons, and added multiplayer content.


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