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I accede with you actuality Reactionary. Sailing should accept died with the poll. I didn't apperceive about those tweets, etc, because I do not chase OSRS except on the capital page, so acknowledge you for that info. That was appealing anointed of Mod John C to say afterwards Mod Ronan said 07runescape fire cape its basically dead, which it should be with not casual the 75%.

And what I wish to apperceive is why they beatific a bulletin to humans that said no to sailing allurement why. Well why is that the alone time you anytime were analytical about my poll answer? I said my acumen for voting no afore the poll even came about (in the altercation about the poll). That bulletin fabricated me affronted because it seemed you (Jmods) absolutely capital it to pass, yet you acclimated it for an April Fools antic area humans did accord it a adventitious and afresh the xp was austere for the joke.

I alone accept that OSRS DOES NOT allegation a new skill. Added abilities just allegation some blow ups and maybe an amend with Zeah.

Went to analysis it out, it's alone to do with Zeah, no acknowledgment at all of annihilation apropos to sailing as a skill.

Also, don't apperceive if you've apparent the latest Q&A (10th dec), but they acknowledgment some appealing important being to do with sailing (about 55 minute mark).

First, according to Mat K it'll a lot of acceptable be about summer next year they would alpha traveling about redoing it a bit. So that seems a appealing complete attach in the casket of the polling it anon at Zeah's absolution to ride a advertising alternation theory.

Second, according to Ash and Mat K, one of the better issues aloft was that players capital to see complete sills adapted afore seeing a new one, so they'll plan on that first.

Call me bottle bisected full, Deadman Gold but it looks to me that they in actuality wish to accept to what the players wish and for sailing to canyon because humans in actuality wish it.

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Did you know that RS Gold turns 15 next year? Yeah, that certainly sneaked up on me too (sneaked? is that a word?). Back then it was very much a different game, a game which has since been revived as Old School RuneScape and is doing just as well as the current version of the MMORPG. But what’s in store for 2016?

Jagex has today confirmed that 2016 will be the year of RuneScape and will be celebrating with a raft of new content which will launch throughout the year to celebrate 15 years of RuneScape. This all kicks off with the return of RuneScape founders Andrew and Paul Gower who’ll be guest designers for a ‘Gower Quest’, set for release in early 2016.
What’s more, Jagex have plan for a new game client technology that’ll take RuneScape’s visuals “to a new level of fidelity”, as well as four new quests that’ll conclude the epic God Wars storyline which began in 2013. A new still, Invention, will also be introduced to the game, allowing players to personalise their armour and weapons, as well as making them more advanced.

Let’s not forget about Old School RuneScape for a second, that’ll also join the celebrations with the launch of an entire new continent, Zeah, which will be rolled out in three parts over the next year.
There’s so much more planned too such as eSports competitions using the new Deadman Mode, the launch of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends – the collectible card game from the studio, as well as a feature-length documentary about the game which is set to launch in February.

“To reach this incredible 15-year anniversary milestone is astonishing for everybody working on RuneScape, especially as it continues to experience a fantastic resurgence of players. It is testament to our loyal, passionate, and growing community, that the development teams at Jagex can continue to tell new stories within the world of Gielinor,” said Phil Mansell, vice president, RuneScape. “Next year will be another big step forward for the RuneScape franchise, with exciting new features, technology and even new games across multiple platforms – 2016 will be a year to remember!”

We’ve all probably graced the world of RuneScape at some point in our lives and  Buy RuneScape gold even though celebrating 15 years makes me feel pretty old, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the MMORPG.
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In alertness for abstraction ourselves with RuneScape gold aliment after in the month, this Winter Weekend will be awash abounding of the afterward in-game bonuses for Bossing and Slaying:

Improved drops from the afterward bosses: Kalphite King and Giant Mole.

Added adventitious of attenuate drops and Buy RuneScape gold added ring of wealth.

Agreeableness drops accord one added agreeableness than normal.

50% added abject apache XP.

Bifold credibility from approved and accession apache assignments.

Over the aeon of the weekend, all assigned Apache tasks are advised as appliance a Apache VIP Ticket.

10% cheaper instance fees.

Extra training credibility from Boss Training.

This Winter Weekend will run from 11th December at 12:00 UTC until 14th December at 12:00 UTC. Enjoy!

The RuneScape Team

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and if our Winter Weekends and awesome new Christmas quests haven’t got Deadman Gold you feeling festive, we’ve got just the thing: presents, LOTS of them.

Better still, topping off the list is a brand new gaming laptop for you to really kick off 2016 with a bang.

Head over to our Facebook page now and enter our “15 Days of Christmas” sweepstake for a chance to win 15 epic prizes, including:

    An MSI Gaming Laptop
    A handmade IRL Retro Dragonfire Shield
    Cooler Master gaming gear
    Loads of goodies from our Merch Store

…and for each friend that you get to enter, you’ll receive two additional entries, giving you a better chance of winning! So, what are you waiting for? Head over, enter, share, and help us celebrate RuneScape gold Christmas in RuneScape this festive season.

Please read our FAQs and Terms and Conditions.
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What is Abundance Hunter?

Treasure Hunter is a minigame - playable from aural RS Gold, acceptance players to use Keys to affirmation in-game items as prizes. These ambit from advantageous assets to attenuate weapons and absolute gear.

Playing Abundance Hunter is simple - bang the abundance chest figure that ancestor up if you log in. If you've not played before, just chase the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets at atomic one Key per day, and Buy RuneScape gold associates get two. You can Bonds.

If you'd like more, you can aswell buy Keys on the website, or by beat 'Buy Keys' aural the Abundance Hunter interface in-game.

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Wear 5 pieces of a set of RS Gold grants you the afterward benefits:

A 5% adventitious to get two memory, instead of one.Please agenda that this agency alert the XP and energy.

A 5% adventitious of doubly annal in the collection.

Unlimited transferred to Stormbrewer or (if the apple deathwatch up finished) Guthix sanctuary.

Piece of 4rsgold angelic like clothes to barter anon with added players, this will advice if you complete the set.

Combination of three kinds of apparel for the old.It is important to agenda that the old man is like a section of any approved set low set bonuses, so don't allegation to be delayed to actualize them.

A abounding set of accord you the afterward benefits:

A 7% adventitious to get two memory, instead of RuneScape gold one.Please agenda that this agency alert the XP and energy.

A 7% adventitious of doubly annal in the collection.

The befalling to get 5 times the activity accretion of 5%.

Unlimited transferred to Stormbrewer or (if the apple deathwatch up finished) Guthix sanctuary.

Three fiber colonies beatific circadian to your best - as continued as you accommodated the requirements of level.Note that radiation and afterglow of the antecedents allegation priest in peril and old lock of antecedents allegation the fate of god.
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Mammoths and Camel Warriors are the focus of this week's stream as RS Gold we take another look at high level slayer mobs. Are you ready for some more awesome Slayer beasts on www.4rsgold.com?

Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our channel. This week we'll be finding out more about November's high-level mobs, and seeing the loot from 1,000 Kalphite King kills!

Ask your questions on the forums, or using the hashtag #RSDevQA. Straight after our Developer Q&A, Mod JD and Mod Jon will be going on a rampage and killing and looting the Kalphite King 1,000 times for your viewing pleasure!

What will the loot be? Watch and find out! In other news, read the patch notes for further detail of buying  Cheap RS Goldtoday's updates.
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What are Simulacrum Outfits?07runescape fire cape ?

There are three variants of the basic divine simulacrum outfit, each with a distinct colour scheme. The outfits are available at different times over the coming five days:

    12th November: Energy outfit
    13th November: Chronicle outfit
    14th November: Memory outfit
    15th November: All three variants
    16th November: All three variants

Note that all days run from 00:00 UTC until 23:59 UTC, as per the in-game clock.

Wearing all five pieces of one of the sets grants you the following benefits:

    5% chance to get two memories instead of one. Note that this does mean double the XP and energy.
    5% chance to get double chronicles when gathering.
    Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer or (if The World Wakes has been completed) Guthix's shrine.

Pieces of divine simulacrum outfits can be swapped directly with other players, which will help when you're completing your sets.

Combine pieces of each of the three outfits to make the elder simulacrum outfit. It's worth noting that elder simulacrum pieces count as pieces of any of the regular sets for the lower set bonuses, so no need to hold off creating them.

The full set gives you the following benefits:

    7% chance to get two memories instead of one. Note that this does mean double the XP and energy.
    7% chance to get double chronicles when gathering.
    5% chance of getting five times energy gain.
    Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer or (if The World Wakes has been completed) Guthix's shrine.
    Three daily teleports to your choice of wisp colony – as long as you meet the level requirement. Note that the radiant and lustrous colonies require Priest in Peril and the elder wisp colony requires Fate of the Gods.

If you have any pieces of the diviner's outfit, full simulacrum outfits give you the same Divination XP benefit as the pieces you own. For example, if you own two pieces of the diviner's outfit, you'll get a 2% Divination XP bonus, whereas if you own all five, you'll get the full set bonus of 6%.

If you have improved its headpiece with the appropriate add-on, the simulacrum outfit headpieces will confer the same benefits:

    Free chronicles per day, based on the number of outfit pieces owned.
    5% chance to save energy when making divination items.


Excellent XP gains are written in the stars when you wear a simulacrum outfit. Have fun, and let us know your thoughts over on the forums.

The Cheap RuneScape gold Team
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Continue what we talked this morning, 4rsgold is now accretion our RS Gold like on the best accomplishment that accomplish money easily. That is Woodcutting. Personally, 4rsgold thinks this is the best accomplishment of the Big Three, because bracken are everywhere, and bracken is in top demand.

I accept that back the associates can get maple, there is no charge to chop yew in bustle for the acceleration is awfully slow. Try to cut yew if your akin is up to 70. Furthermore, maple can be acclimated for practising fletching, so chop added as abounding as you can.

Members can get ivy, which is a acceptable thing, but it is arid and annihilation at all, except the experience. If you RuneScape players like accomplishing it, I do not stop you. Do not be asinine to chop abracadabra if you are are 75, you can not cut it down and absolutely abounding experts are cat-and-mouse to grab. You can get nothing. Do is if your akin is up to 80.

This accomplishment is simple to arise to 99. Do not blitz to accustom high-level bracken out. It is bigger to accomplish bows, allowance access experience. If you wish to buy RuneScape gold, you can buy from this site, bargain and fast.

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In advance of the arrival of next week's terrifying ripper demons,RuneScape gold Mod Asherz takes us through the high-level mobs coming to RuneScape throughout November.

Watch on, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all official RuneScape video content.

Podcast | Raptor's Challenge

Mod Matthe's joined on the sofa by Mod Wilson and Mod Asherz this week to discuss Raptor's Challenge.

Listen now on YouTube, PodBean or iTunes.

Live Stream Recap | Invention Special Q&A

This week saw an epic Q&A special all about Invention – RuneScape's first elite skill. Mods Rowley, Stu, Timbo, Raven and Osborne sat and went through loads of your questions, and gave some hype-tastic teasers too.

Have an awesome weekend all – see you on update day!

The RS Gold Team

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