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HYT launches H2 - Hydro Mechanical Watch for a more successful successor

After hyt watches, with the introduction of H1, the watch world was upside down and lured all of us to use this hydrodynamic miracle, they are now launching a follow-up called H2.

H2 was created in collaboration with the technical guide of Audemars Piguet's design subsidiary Renaud et Papi, who also collaborated with Grönefeld to create their magnificent One Hertz. H1 it exposes everything on the dial and lets us appreciate it.

I think I haven't seen so many enthusiastic reactions before, so now the path of the fluid and mechanics combination in the clock has been paved, and H2 once again lures the hard work of watch connoisseurs. This should not be a problem, because H2 provides a surplus over H1.

All mechanical devices are fully visible, fully exposed, and show how the bellows are activated every hour through the antenna, cam and piston system to indicate the correct hour. The bellows is in the "V" position, reminding me of Harley Davidson's powerful engine...hermes watch replica

The V-shaped positioning of the bellows optimizes the integration of the interface that connects the watch mechanism to the fluid system. Compared to the H1, it leaves more room, so the minute hand can be placed in the center position and the balance spring is on the black bridge in the upper part of the dial.

The entire antennae, cam, piston and many gear systems can be seen, and no dial can cover this mechanical aesthetic. The bridge is made of titanium and covered with a black PVD coating. Since the bridge has been completed prior to coating, some components are clearly sandblasted while other components have been satin finished or brushed prior to coating. This provides a refined visual effect on the matte and glossy black parts. Gears, antennas, pistons and hands are not blackened, in sharp contrast to the black bridge and the motherboard.

Around the dial is a sapphire chapter ring, suitable for central positioning of the minute hand. When the "30 minutes" is reached, the minute hand jumps to avoid the bellows system just before the normal 6 o'clock position. An hourly number is printed on the slanted edge of the "dial", which makes it easier to read the actual hours from the hydro-hour indicator.hublot king gold

The H2 provides three additional indicators; a power reserve indicator, a temperature indicator and an HNR indicator. The latter is attached to the crown and tells the wearer where the crown is. The press release did not mention what HNR stands for, but we assume it is used to set hours (H), neutral (N) and windings (R).

The opposite temperature indicator tells the wearer if the fluid is at the correct operating temperature. Logical indicators, as the volume of a fluid, are always affected by temperature. Therefore, an indicator lets us know if the temperature is suitable for H2 to perfectly indicate the correct time, which is a convenient feature.

The H2 provides a power reserve indicator indicating the remaining 192 hours (or 8 days) of power in the two main spring buckets. This is another improvement to H1, which provides 65 hours of autonomy in complete wounds. The power is displayed on the two barrels and can be seen on the back of the watch.

There is no news about the price, including visual pleasure (must be done) and features (power reserve for 8 days). In short, H2 looks like a wonderful follow-up to H1, because it is limited to 50 pieces, I think collectors must move quickly to ensure one of them! Urwerk Watches


Series: H2 - Limited series to 50 pieces

Case: black DLC titanium, polished, micro-porous and satin finish

Diameter: 48.8 mm
Height: 17.9 mm
Waterproof 50 meters

Retrograde fluid time
30 minutes jump minute - Crown position indicator (HNR)
Temperature indicator
Movement: manual winding machine, dedicated HYT movement

21,600 vibrations / hour, 3 Hz, 28 gems
Titanium bridge decorated with decorative micro-expansion black PVD and titanium satin finish
192 hours (8 days) power reserve