Unique Blancpain Villeret series of Chinese traditional calendar for the Only Watch Auction Watch has just released, they will contribute to Only Watch auction in November is about a unique piece. This year, they will be donated Villeret Chinese traditional calendar watch special and unique versions.

The watch is designed for Only Watch auction. Chinese Lunar complex, developed in-house, is a tribute to the ancient culture. Dial with the hours, minutes and Gregorian calendar along China an important indicator. This includes the traditional double-hour indication, date, month (with a leap month), signs of the zodiac, the five elements and 10 celestial stems. Combination of celestial bodies, the stem 12 with zodiac animals on behalf of ground branch follows the 60-year cycle is the key to Chinese culture. Dial also features a moon phase, even lunar cycles and Chinese Heritage Month.Blancpain replica watches

Blancpain introduced bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph and new high-caliber shot F385

At this year's Baselworld, follow last year's Blancpain Fifty Fathoms deep-sea submersibles (one week on the wrist "to recall here) in a similar form of chronograph. That's cool and all, but for me He said the most interesting aspect of this watch is not fully ceramic case, or NATO and ridiculous hardcore hardware, or general sleekness of the final product or - the most interesting part of the new deep-sea submersibles are actually there anything. This is the first Blancpain featuring new movement F385, which is a new concept of their ground, and a fairly impressive new development does not seem to have been getting a lot of attention. It It is about to change.replica watches fashion

Watch the first, for details. Size is 43 mm in any of the above all-ceramic or satin brushed stainless steel are available, chronograph 300 meters waterproof and holds many appear last year, only deep-sea submersible design features. This new dome dial hour retro look, and ineffective any number. All points and lines light, and there is a good look on the sun dial. Liquidmetal filled ceramic bezel, making it completely scratch.

When I saw this watch in Basel, I was told that it placed a new movement, I immediately asked: "? So you just said that you changed a few things on the 1185" I got a firm " Do not". 1185, of course, the old building Piguet movement (now Blancpain) already existed there what it feels like forever. This is one of several off-shelf, high-end, with the top of the automatic winding movement manufactured as Vacheron Constantin, while in the wrist this week's Royal Oak chronograph interpretation Audemars Piguet. Blancpain had to adjust to it to give it different functions, and often at different digital caliber, for example like this guy split second big date. The caliber F385 is not so clearly drawn from 1185. In fact, Blancpain said, this is just the stock is very, very basic infrastructure, this landmark campaign, not with any other will be more automatic chronograph than it is.Hublot Big Bang 44mm Watches replica

Let's discuss this new movement available. First, it is a 13 LIGNE movement, which means that it is more than 1185, which is a 11.5 LIGNE larger movement. In addition, 385 times, at 36,000 vibrations / hour (5 Hz), while 1185 21600 vibrations per hour. Perot already includes freely suspended silicon balance spring, in order to eliminate any need for a diamagnetic Faraday cage. The F385 also features a vertical clutch Lux La Lao Movement 4130, at Daytona and most high-end self-winding chronograph find out, because, in addition to column-wheel.

The F385 is a flyback chronograph, which means that users do not have to stop running it from before the reset. The new movement power reserve of 50 hours, you can see it through bathyscaphe chronograph sapphire caseback. Oscillating weight is made of 18k gold, but painted in platinum alloy, giving it a softer look. All of these add up to a very substantial from Blancpain's new movement.

The quality of this new campaign is very easy to write, but it's hard to explain, until you feel it moves, I'm lucky, this year met in Basel. The F385 is unexpected, and seemingly with not only the nature of the content Blancpain, but even high-priced stickers, hardly necessary. I give a lot of credit for Blancpain to develop an alternative within the enterprise, self-winding chronograph, it's many of his contemporaries have not shown a single length. So again, this new Blancpain bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph is cool, if you go to, but for me, the movement F385 is more interesting and impressive.


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