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NCAA Football 2014, available from EA and in stores now, conjures up thoughts of a redshirt athlete. All the advancements that could be made this year are seemingly held back so that the athlete can flourish under the bright lights next year. This doesn't necessarily make the red shirt, or NCAA 2014, bad. It's merely saving itself for something more grandiose, in this case the next generation of consoles.

In that light, it's hard to fault Tiburon, as NCAA Football 2014 has a fair share of fun built in to it, with on field physics emerging as the next true standard for athletic games. Weaving in and out of the pocket, breaking a defender down and heading for the end zone brings that intense sense of gratification, as it always does. With that said, wonky AI can pull you out of that moment and have you fixated on exactly how dated the players, fields, and overall sense of competition feels.

Linebackers that run left when they're supposed to run right, often times backwards or sideways, raise eyebrows as you might believe you've entered a sci fi game where players are possessed. Cut scenes in between plays often give way to laughter, as a player on the bottom of a pile will get up before those on the top, with legs bending into the most strenuous yoga positions and bodies flying well after the whistle has blown. Something that didn't seem funny and to honest got downright irritating was the length of the cut scenes and the lag to get out of them and back to play calling. Mashing buttons did little to help and many times it seemed as though sitting in place and waiting for the ball to stop what looked to be an endless roll downhill was the only way to get back to playing.

While cut scenes and AI combined with dated graphics were frustrating, Tiburon does their best to pull out a good gameplay experience from the Infinity engine. The player you control makes every sharp cut you need to make to break free for a big gain and the addition of a juke/spin combo that, when used properly, can really open the field. Play calling is easy, giving you the choice to roll with the head coach's list of ideas or push forward depending on the type of play you want to run, be it pass or run. Slants, historically the easiest pass play to run as the right side wide receiver always finds themself open, sticks Patriots Super Bowl Appearances - New Champions NFL Jerseys to its Dt5FW6a9x roots and does the job on the pass side. Defensive lines protect against the run with various success, as you may find yourself breaking out of a large pile to take it to the end zone and then try running the same play, resulting in a loss.

Dynasty mode is revamped, with recruiting coming down to having a certain amount of points to allocate, along with points that build up with your various coaching choices. These points can then be used to make your team more successful in different situations, be it stronger on the line against a rush or having better pass protection.

NCAA Football 2014 also has Nike Skills Trainer, a mode to allow you to build up your skills, learning what to look for, how to best handle certain situations, and things Super Bowl 2016 Jerseys of that nature. It's the equivalent to a 101 course on how to survive before jumping onto the field. While some might see it as a throwaway mode, the inclusion always speaks to a new fan base that Tiburon and EA are focused on bringing in.

Road to Glory makes its return, allowing you to take a high school player to college, building him into the best Heisman contender you possibly can. Your player will build XP as they make their way through games, giving you the duty of controlling their future with your choices.

NCAA Football 2014 has all the promise of the high school All American that you've been keeping an eye on for years and have recruited to play on your squad. Like most athletes, the game needs pampering, coddling, and a good dose of "you have a bright future" to make it shine as the redshirt comes off, most likely with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As cheap jerseys it stands, it's a good effort with faults that hold it far back. With confusing AI, dated graphics and an announce team that doesn't feel in sync with the game until you're blowing your opponent out (you'll be chastised for running up the score), NCAA Football 2014 has one cleat stuck on the one yard line, desperately trying to hit the end zone.


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