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Windows Live Reinstall Windows 8 Pro Upgraded From Windows Vista Movie Maker Reduces Volume of the Original Video...

Windows  Live Movie Maker in Windows Vista/7 reduces the volume of the 2011 Macbook Pro running Bootcamp Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit freezes randomly beeping crackle sounds original video.
I was cutting a video for my class 'Thesis Presentation.' I didn't realise it while making the presentation, and only found out on the day of my presentation...(WLMM NEARLY
HAD ME FAILED...NOT COOL Custom format number with compound expression possible? MICROSOFT!!!!!)
Since then, I stopped using WLMM.
I currently use Apple's Final Cut Studio for Macbook (not something you want to hear!!!!!!).
It is infinitely better than WLMM.
And because I love Microsoft so much (for their extreme versatility in Win 7), I tried to fix the issue.
I tried increasing the volume in the 'video-volume' tab.
(no difference...sound was low .exe can't be found on my computer, Internet Explorer won't open even on max-volume)
I tried to go to WLMM's options, but it doesn't have any, other than the How Do I Remove Unwanted Addresses When I Go To Send An Email A List Appears I Do Not Want. Trust my computer will not connect to internet My computer stats show I am connected to internet with my network Center thing.
(really? what a pathetic match to your AMAZING flagship operating system!!!)
The only way I could get any SATISFACTORY result, was to:
Strip the Sound off i get error 8024000E when i go for update for windows 7 64 bit the video to an .mp3 file using a lumia 820 code error 80070018 office e mail account not updated 3rd party program
Edit it's volume properties to increase the Default volume (for the stripped Sound file)
Then insert it as a separate audio file back into WLMM, and try to synchronise the lips to the voices (extremely bothersome)
After finishing it, WLMM still reduced the volume, but at least it was higher than before.
So MS Support, is there any way to fix this issue and increase the volume?
If not, then take some tips from this post and others like it and release an update or something.
As good as Apple's SW is (which is VERY), it's slower than WLMM.
I don't want to have to use it.......(*whisper* mostly because I hate Apple)

Keys to the Problem Windows Live Movie Maker Reduces Volume IE10 Windows 7, Unable To Open Certain Webpage. of the Original Video...

Hi TeckGuru,
The issue you posted is related to Windows Live Movie Maker and there’s a dedicated forum dealing with issues related to Windows Live Movie Maker.
I’d recommend you to post your query in the following forum:
Movie Maker Forums
Hope this information helps.

Gokul - Microsoft Support

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