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Although NBA is a business alliance, but the team can still build deep feelings between. Every time a transaction takes place, the player loses more than the opportunity to play for the team and the feelings of the team. But this is the NBA, players living place, the boss was making money, is the general manager who show the wisdom of the place, in front of these things, friendship is to abdicate.

Plumlee's departure means Lillard and McCollum suddenly lost the tacit understanding fighting partner. The reason is because suddenly, had not a lot about Plumlee was put on the shelves of the news, so star Lillard heard about the news of the deal, it was very difficult to accept this fact.

"I'm really very uncomfortable," says Plumlee been traded, Lillard said, "Mason is a member of our team, is my friend's brother. Whether it's on the court or in our lives, we have a close relationship and I'm really sick of seeing him leave the team."

"I was surprised that he would be traded, I think anyone transactions are not turn to him, because he is on our team is really important, on the pitch he can do many things for us, so we will miss him." Lillard said.

As Lillard said, on the court, he is the best partner valerie. Although there is no ability to how many independent attack, but Plum Leigh in the cover and passing attainments but a lot of players inside is not, it is because of his presence, Lillard and McCollum could have made great progress in the past two seasons.

Lillard bluntly, lost a partner on the court that he is not the most sad, lost a person is able to talk to their biggest loss.

"I have told him that he is my favorite field mate and the best teammate I have ever worked with." Lillard said, "not only on the court, he is also my best friend in life."

"I'll miss him." Lillard repeated this sentence.

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