Manchester City PK Chelsea 30 million fight the French demon limelight was Huangju poaching из дневника vbhtfswx

British media "The Sun" news that Manchester City to join Le Mare battle, intends to invest 30 million pounds to sign it.

Le Mare is a rising star of French football, 21 years old, the Secretary of the left winger, Caen youth training system trained players, joined the summer of 1985 Monaco. So far, Le Malle on behalf of Monaco played 67 times, scored 15 goals assists 12 times, which played 33 times this season, scored 10 goals assists 7 times. Le Mare excellent performance, to help Monaco successfully reached the Champions League 16 strong, while helping the team in the French standings with 3 points lead. It is reported that Le Mair and Monaco's contract expires in the summer of 2020, the British media "The Sun" pointed out that Manchester City will face Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Madrid competition.

For Manchester City, the summer window in addition to signings continue to strengthen the lineup, but also beware of other giants to hurt. British media "The Sun" news that Manchester City defense only defensive midfielder Otta Demi was Real Madrid poaching, Galaxy warships want to sign the Argentinean gates to replace the upcoming MyNBA2K17 RP Pepe. Otamaddy is 29 years old, joined Hatty in the summer of 2015, Manchester City in order to sign him, to Valencia paid 32 million pounds of transfer fee. So far, Otamendi on behalf of Manchester City played 77 times, a ball recorded. As the hole Pani suffering from injuries, Stone as a doline like the existence of Manchester City defense only fly in the back of the number of Otta Demi Di.

In fact, Otamendi is not only Manchester City defense line of the most reliable player, its performance can even compete for the best season, whoscored score of 7.49 points, beat Debra Nevada 7.45 in the first place. It is conceivable that if Otta Demi was picked by Real Madrid, then Manchester City's defense will become even worse. Therefore, Guardiola want to build favorite Manchester City, this summer must be retained Altamendi Caixing. It is reported that Otamendi and Manchester City contract in the summer of 2020 expires, about the body, the blue moon has left his advantage.


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