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Chung Mong joon wants to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA president

South Korea's Chung Mong-joon says he wants to replace Sepp Blatter as buy fifa 18 coins next president.

As the former vice-president of world football's governing body and the major shareholder of the industrial giant Hyundai, Chung Mong-joon said, "If I get elected, my job is not to enjoy the luxury of the office. My job is to change it."

Platini declared his intention to run for the 26 February election on Wednesday, though candidates have until 26 October to be nominated. When talking about the other candidate, Michel Platini, Chung Mong-joon said: "It will be very difficult for Mr Platini to have any meaningful reforms. Mr Platini enjoys institutional support from the current structure of Fifa. Mr Platini is very much a product of the current system."

On the other hand, Platini announced that he will not attend the presidency election. Chung believed that it is a "good buy cheap fifa 18 coins chance" of winning the election. And "It is time that Fifa had a non-European leadership. "

When asked if he would run for the presidency, he said: "I really want to be in Fifa." The election will take place at an Extraordinary FIFA Congress in Zurich on 26 February 2016. Buy fifa 18 coins from now... come on!


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