It is alone a basic measure из дневника fifafifa

This has as well happened recently. Mass Effect Andromeda is the absolute archetype of this. Bio ware delivered something absolutely altered from what was promised; and let's not overlook EA and its adaptation of FIFA 13 for Wii U.

We acknowledgment this so that you are attentive. We apperceive you adulation FIFA amateur (that's why you're annual this), however, you should apprehend to apperceive the final aftereffect of the bold afore proceeding to pre-make the game LOLGA.INC. It is alone a basic measure!

The Games Con is about to yield place, which agency that we will get bags of admonition about  LOLGA. Maybe that's if we see the complete bold in action. That is, we will see if FIFA 18 is anniversary it or we admission to delay a brace of months to admission it. Recall that developers can actualize patches to adapt or actual problems begin in their creations.


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