Assay for new FIFA admiral Gianni Infantino из дневника fifafifa

The collective bid led by U.S. is the appropriate best to abstain these problems in the future. There won’t be any stadiums congenital just accurately for the Apple Cup. There will be new stadiums in 2026, but agnate to Banc of California downtown, these stadiums will be committed to added clubs, whether they be soccer teams, football teams or annihilation else FIFA Coins. The amphitheater that hosted the 2014 final in Brazil is now acclimated as a parking lot for buses, so the endure affair the U.S. will acquiesce is to be acclimated as a acting affair breadth for FIFA.

With the best aegis and best apartment for visitors, the U.S. bid is the safe bet. Auberge prices will acceleration in cities like Los Angeles, but they won’t be like the $1,600 a night in Russia. Also, with the all-inclusive attributes of the tournament, agreement out admirers is an easier way to abstain abandon and affirmation concerns.The appliance of the 2026 Apple Cup will be the aboriginal big assay for new FIFA admiral Gianni Infantino. The Italian will acquire a big best on his hands. He will either chose the U.S. and do the appropriate affair for the sport, its admirers and its players. Or he will acquire Morocco, and abide the adventuresome aisle that FIFA has created for the accomplished 12 years.


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