For added on FIFA 18 Apple Cup 2018 из дневника fifafifa

The Apple Cup 2018 amend to FIFA 18 has just accustomed and has brought with it a aggregate of changes to the abject game. There are new amateur ratings, stadiums, and aswell new amateur packs to obtain. Packs plan in abundantly the aloft way as before, but with a few baby differences. In this FIFA 19 Coins Apple Cup 2018 Packs Guide, we’ll breach down all of the admonition you allegation to apperceive to get started in the game. For added on FIFA 18 Apple Cup 2018 update, arch over to our FIFA 18 Apple Cup 2018 guides hub, breadth you’ll acquisition adapted amateur ratings, new abstracts on FIFA Ultimate Team, as able-bodied as all of the changes the new amend brings.

Packs are breach into two types in FIFA Coins Apple Cup 2018: Accepted and Aberrant Packs. It’s anniversary acquainted that all bill becoming in the Apple Cup admission can aswell be acclimated in the approved bold and vice-versa. Similarly, for every Apple Cup 2018 backpack you purchase, you’ll aswell be accustomed an agnate FUT pack. Let’s breach down anniversary backpack separately. Accepted packs will aggregate you 5,000 bill each, or 100 FIFA Points. They accommodate a accumulating of 13 items, including at atomic three untradeable FIFA Apple Cup 2018 players, and a affirmed FUT Gold Backpack redeemable.


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