Current good works Kam Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold watch brown python at из дневника zosimdy75

Current good works Kam Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold watch brown python the wonderful world of nature, the people most likely for you to inclusive mind, can knowledgeably use and integration of your variety of elements in characteristics, this new watch is a particular kind of inspiration is derived from normal animal. Table to thier name, Hublot Big Bang wrist watches always bring us the "big bang" like surprises, this specific watch into the snake routine elements, breaking the routine regarding traditional design style, to help always flashy brilliant City brought a not excellent grace, the trend is indeed any masterpiece. Now, watch that with your family to enjoy collectively at The Big Bang sequence rose gold watch brown python. Official Model: 341. PX. 7918. PR. 1979 

Pursuing the zebra, leopard rage, python has become the fashion trend aspirations. These already used to seeing the identical pattern, follow and keep the appearance of the moment, Hublot is another way to look at again constructed type creativity, bringing a hint of selfishness from the wild and unhappy jungle to the atmosphere. 

At first, the whole solicitous watch exudes a passion, one by one flashing expensive diamonds and 18K rose gold special place colors each, in the mild incomparably more elegant luxury. Though it may be only one eye in the face, it also makes a lot of girls love at first

41 mm circular dial is neither cumbersome nor seem stingy, 8 pack sparkling diamond as the time scale, totaling 0.14 karats. Dark brown python patterns on the eye through the sapphire crystal glass, suddenly felt a ferocious aura.

Dial timer function is also evident, with a small seconds at 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock, respectively, 12 hours and 30 minutes timer. In addition, the 4:30 position embedded trapezoidal calendar display window.

Crown is a typical three-tier structure, made of 18K rose gold, black natural rubber inserts, crown carved with classic Hublot LOGO, the outer ring gear shape. Up and down two to manual timing keys, press the button to start or stop the timer, press hands to luxury replica watches

From the side, the diamond sparkle still clearly visible, so much of tiny diamonds also reflects the watchmakers superb technical level, every diamond requires both the same size and can not damage its own beauty. Between the case and the bottom of the table with two H-shaped titanium screw connection, convex.

This watch is more a unique place presumably is dark brown snakeskin strap, and different from the general material, python design seem to come from the wild jungle between more suitable arrogant and domineering woman. From color to graphic design, Hublot watchmakers clearly the python element into every detail.

Folding clasp is more common than Buckle to more convenient and simple, not too many patterns and decorative, can show Hublot brand of atmosphere and simple, the simple thing to do is not simple, is a high standard.

My Fair Lady is not just the beauty of a woman, gentle introverted, highly personalized and full of domineering women equally more flavor, more difficult to conquer. This watch is only 250 limited edition, its eclectic design, breaking the traditional design of the original style, using python into which so many love the table and fashion lady at first sight. Hublot maverick will also attract more eye-gaze, looking forward to a new table under more color.Hublot Big Bang replica watches



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