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The physically challenged needn't feel like prisoners, unable to access the different floors of their home. Passenger Elevator system for the mobility challenged makes independent living a possibility for such people. Considering that there is a good population of senior citizens in different areas of the world, accessibility solutions have become something of a necessity. Such solutions take forms such as stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators. The advantages of home elevators include space efficiency, affordability, and easy installation.

A Safe, Aesthetically Appealing Add-on

A home elevator for the mobility challenged from a reputable company would score well in terms of safety, style, value and convenience. Common safety features found in elevators for the physically challenged at home include emergency light, emergency alarm, phone, backup system, and handrails. One can request for customized paneling and lighting to go well with the color of the walls. Common panels for the wall include veneer, raised wood, inset wood, and melamine. Several other elements of the elevator system can be designed to merge well with a particular home décor. Different sizes of elevator systems are available. Reputable manufacturers of home elevators include ThyssenKrupp Access, Federal Elevator, and Savaria Concord.

Smooth, Quiet and Tension Free Ride

A home elevator system for the mobility challenged is a great way to ensure aged parents a smooth, quiet and tension free ride up and down a multi-storied house, at a comfortable speed. An added boon is that the person using the elevator can carry laundry, groceries and other items while using the lift. Optional features offered in a home elevator system include accordion car gates, telephone cabinets, door interlocks, and digital indicators for the purpose of floor positioning.

Enhances the Worth of the Home

A home elevator system for the mobility challenged can enhance the value of the home. Several companies providing such systems also provide installation and maintenance services, relieving the customer of a big burden.

At DAY Elevator & Lift, we offer Elevator Factory fujihd.net system for the mobility challenged people. Being a high-class supplier of residential accessibility solutions, our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality elevators, and lift products.